THE ULTIMATE ABBA TRIBUTE BAND - 25th Anniversary Tour 2016

25th ANNIVERSARY TOUR 2015/2016

Following the huge success of our ’40 YEAR S OF WATERLOO’ Tour, we are now proud to introduce our new tour for 2015/2016…

It has now been an amazing 25 years since VOULEZ VOUS’ humble beginnings.

In 2015/16 the UK’s longest running ABBA tribute show present their commemorative concert


VOULEZ VOUS are ‘Masters of the ABBA scene!’  With original cast members, Linda and David Monks now involved in the production of the show, VOULEZ VOUS strive to continue their legacy in recreating the costumes, glamour and distinct sound that was ABBA.

After sell-out concerts across the globe with their ‘Mamma Mia’, ‘Mad About ABBA‘ and ‘Waterloo 40th Anniversary’ tours, VOULEZ VOUS now celebrate their longevity and tell their own ABBA story that brings your memories of the Swedish super-group back to life!

In true theatrical form VOULEZ VOUS reincarnate all of ABBA’s hits that have stood the test of time since that unforgettable Eurovision performance back in 1974.   With an added selection of more obscure ABBA songs for the die-hard VOULEZ VOUS fans, once again they have included ‘The Visitors’ and ‘Head Over Heels.’

VOULEZ VOUS’ latest celebration takes their audience on a two-hour nostalgic journey including:

The beautiful lamenting tones of Amanda Kelly as Frida,

accompanied by local school choirs singing ‘I Have A Dream.’

Suzi Que as Agnetha with her flawless vocal rendition

of the nations favourite ‘The Winner Takes It All.’

In addition featuring their incredible guitarist, Simon McKelvie as Björn

rocking to ‘Does Your Mother Know?’

Not forgetting the inspiring performance from master of the ivories himself,

Alan Whitmore as the formidable Benny Andersson. 

Also a special appearance from our very own Napoleon as a feature in ‘Waterloo!’

VOULEZ VOUS’ talented team of look-a-like performers and time served musicians will have you mistake them for the real thing!

So what are you waiting for?  Dust off those platforms, put on those flares and come dancing in the aisles to VOULEZ VOUS as ABBA in a theatre near you!

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The Past


VOULEZ VOUS are captivating audiences across the country with their new tour for 2014 ’40 Years of WATERLOO’….

Now in their 23rd year, VOULEZ VOUS still capture the sheer brilliance of ABBA.

Since launching 23 years ago VOULEZ VOUS have had many highlights….

Appearing alongside Celebrities such as Freddie Starr, Jimmy James, Leo Sayer, The Sweet, 3 Degrees, Mica Paris and Radio interviews for Terry Wogan and Lorraine Kelly.

They were requested to play at a Conference in Blackpool by request, of the then Prime Minister, John Major.

Demi Moore, Bruce Willis and their children attended their Concert at the Seacombe Centre in Sutton, Croydon!

They were given special treatment when they appeared on the Tea-time Show, Noels House Party…they  performed in an ABBA fan’s house in London, live on air and were due to perform for the Lord Mayor of Leeds.  All went well, considering they managed to perform live in London at 6.30pm, then with a Police escort, were zoomed off to Heathrow to catch a plane to Leeds, just in time to perform at 10pm that night.  They were voted ‘The Best House Party’ of that Year and were featured in Noel’s ‘Christmas Special’.

VV were also employed by the Swedish Oil Company S.T.A.T. to feature as their main ingredient, as the “Best Swedish Export” along with Volvo & Saab…the advert was shown in 27 Countries around the world, giving VOULEZ VOUS a very high profile.

They received a request to play the Royal Variety Show, but sadly, were overseas under contract at the time so were unable to perform.

VV were the first ‘group’ ever to be requested to perform on ‘Stars In Their Eyes’ for Granada TV.

They appeared on the Richard Whiteley Show – massive ratings on a Sunday at the time, and were the only people to be requested to make a second visit, by popular demand from the viewers.  Their first appearance was with Rory Bremner, Vera & Jack from Coronation Street & Judy Dench and the second, Ian Kelsey, Joan Armatrading and Rolf Harris.

They appeared on the Vanessa Feltz Talk Show during an ABBA special singing ‘Waterloo’.  

Following the Warrington Bomb Disaster, a Charity Night was set up at the Parr Hall in Warrington, VV appeared alongside Bill Tarmy, Cannon and Ball, Rick Wakeman, Miss UK and the ‘St Winifred’s School Choir’ (‘There’s no-one quite like Grandma’).  

They performed in London for the Millenium at the Greenwich Maritime Museum alongside Bryan Ferry, Lesley Garrett, Mick Hucknall of Simply Red, Annie Lennox and Martine McCutcheon.  Prince Edward was in attendence and…dancing!

VV also performed for the football legend, Jimmy Greaves’s Son’s Wedding and Kenny Dalgleish’s 25th Wedding Anniversary, guests being England’s Football Team, including Sir Alex Ferguson, Alan Shearer, John Barnes, and singer Jim Kerr of Simple Minds.

They performed at the home of Appollo Theatre’s Manager Sam Shrouder.  This was a James Bond Themed 21st featuring Gold Finger’s painted gold lady!  Many celebrities were in attendance, including Anthea Turner and Mike Smith.

VV entertained at a Childrens Variety Club Awards Charity with Sir Cliff Richard, Bruce Forsyth, Lionel Blaire, Jools Holland and Carol Vordeman, hosted by Gloria Hunniford in London.  

VV also appeared at a HMV London Store for an ABBA Book Launch and were actually featured in the book!

VOULEZ VOUS have worked extensively abroad with countries including the United Arab Emirates, Germany, Ireland, Sweden, Finland, Malaysia, South Africa and a New Years Eve in Penang at the Bay View Beach Hotel.


Meet The Team!


A    B    B    A


T H E   B O Y S   O F   T H E   B A N D  !


T H E   C R E W !




T H E   P A S T !



City Venue Date Time Tickets Map
Market DraytonThe Festival Drayton Centre26/02/167:30pmBuy TicketsMap
Market DraytonThe Festival Drayton Centre27/02/167:30pmBuy TicketsMap
MiddlesbroughThe Theatre04/03/167:30pmBuy TicketsMap
Barrow-In-FurnessThe Forum02/04/168:00pmBuy TicketsMap
RedditchThe Palace Theatre06/05/167:30pmBuy TicketsMap
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Click on the song titles to listen…

The Winner Takes It All by VOULEZ VOUS


Voulez Vous by VOULEZ VOUS


Slipping Through My Fingers by VOULEZ VOUS


Mamma Mia by VOULEZ VOUS


Reviews/Comments From Over The Years…


Voulez Vous – 40 Years of Waterloo Anniversary Tour.  
The Forum Theatre – Barrow-In-Furness, Saturday May 10th 2014.

How’s this for a coincidence? On the night some strange act from Austria won the 2014 Eurovision Song Circus, the ABBA tribute band Voulez-Vous appeared live at The Forum in Barrow in front of four hundred people.  

It’s difficult to believe it’s 40 years since Agnetha, Benny, Bjorn and Anna-Frid began their assault on the pop charts and leave their indelible marks on the lives of people all over the globe. Voulez-Vous may never be as influential as ABBA became but I took a chance on them and popped along to see exactly what was the name of their game. Fortunately my mother knew I was out so there was no SOS requirement from me.  

A four-piece band of Simon the Scouser, Alan from Stoke, Suzi from Warrington and Amanda from Scunthorpe plus a journeyman drummer and bass guitarist made up the performers. Now this doesn’t quite equate to my teenage memories of sensational much-loved superstars, but knowing me and knowing you, I reckon you would have been well-impressed. They didn’t look as though they’d aged a bit in the intervening years and battled through all the classics from Mamma Mia to Waterloo.  

Costume replication was good, the sound was great and the cast gave it their all from first minute to last. They were of course helped by an amazing capacity audience who sang and danced their own way through the evening with the same energy the soundalikes used on stage.  

I’m fairly sure I’ve never met anyone who has a bad thing to say about ABBA and I’m pretty confident that, in context, you would say the same thing about Voulez-Vous. A fine bunch of supertroupers who were well worth the Money Money Money!

Review by Trevor Jones.  

Voulez Vous – 40 Years of Waterloo Anniversary Tour.  
The Princess Theatre – Hunstanton, Saturday April 12th 2014.

Hello, a big thank you to all the band for an amazing evening in, Hunstanton!  You are very professional and good at what you do to give us ABBA fans a good night out!  You look like ABBA, you sound like ABBA and you perform on stage as ABBA – simply perfect, you made my birthday treat very memorable!  

Comments by Andrew Barnes.  

Voulez Vous – 40 Years of Waterloo Anniversary Tour.  
The Capitol Theatre – Horhsam, Friday April 4th 2014.

Just a note to say that last night’s show at Horsham was a knock-out.

ABBA-solutely fabulous and all the audience thought so too. We were excited all the time, singing, clapping and waving arms.

During the second half the only person sitting down, that I could see, was an old lady with very weak legs who was crying because she was excited but couldn’t join in as she wanted.

Well done for giving a cuddle to the young lady with disabilities. That made her evening even more special.

It was nice to able to talk to you afterwards. I think more performers should try to meet their audience.

See you again soon, I hope.

Thank you for the music!


Comments by David Jessop.  

Voulez Vous – Mad About ABBA Tour.  
Drayton Festival Centre, Saturday November 2nd 2013.

“What a show, the audience loved it, our team loved it and they will be coming back!”

Comment by Glyn Jackson – The Festival Centre, Market Drayton.  

Voulez Vous – Mad About ABBA Tour.  
Wakefield Theatre Royal, Wednesday September 18th 2013.

Review by Peter Hill-Willetts,

They came flying from far away… and they held Wakefield Theatre Royal under their spell for a superb two-hour show. They are ‘Voulez-Vous’ – Suzi Que (Agnetha), Amanda Kelly (Frida), Simon McKelvie (Bjorn) and Peter Tate (Benny).

From curtain up to curtain down, Voulez-Vous gave the show everything they had.

And the ABBA hits never stopped coming, one after the other.

The spoken intro from ‘I Have A Dream’ from ‘Mamma Mia! The Movie’, opens the show. Amanda Seyfried’s ‘Even if you fail…’ fades out, the opening bars of ‘Mamma Mia’ announce the arrival of Voulez-Vous and the show has started.

Requests by Agnetha (Suzi Q) and Frida (Amanda Kelly) for the audience to clap along and wave their hands in the air meet with an enthusiastic audience. By the end of the first half, the VV ladies have the audience eating out of their hands! 

It always surprises me how these ABBA tribute concerts start off with a warm first half of the show and by the time the second half starts, the audience are out of their seats and up dancing! This was certainly the case here in Wakefield.

After ‘Mamma Mia!’ (by the way, the ladies wear copies of the ABBA 1979 Tour Costumes for this and the next two numbers, for those ABBA costume fans), come the early 1974 hit ‘Honey, Honey’ and the soaring classic ‘Eagle’ from 1979. The former has both girls on lead vocal duty, with the boys filling in the parts originally sang by Bjorn and Benny. The latter, ‘Eagle’ is resplendent with both girls waving their winged costumes for all their worth. Both songs are spot on and it’s clear to see the group have paid close attention to the original harmonies here on both tracks. Fantastic!

The ladies take a short costume change after ‘Eagle’, into black macs for the only 1976 ABBA single that didn’t hit the top of the charts – ‘Money, Money’ – complete with the ABBA ‘Gangsta hats’. Amanda and Suzi take great delight in dispensing their fake Voulez Vous money, throwing it out into the audience (though most of it only drops a few feet in front of them!). The hats are thrown to the stage wings and ‘Under Attack’ is next up. Pity we never got to see ABBA perform this one live in concert back in the day, but Voulez Vous do an excellent job with their outstanding vocals and performance. 

Suzi takes centre-stage for ‘Chiquitita’ next. Amanda joins her on the backing vocals and chorus, and once again it’s like we’ve all been teleported back to November 1979 and the Wembley Arena shows. For a fan who never saw the original ABBA play live here in the UK at Wembley, I can almost imagine how great this one would have sounded live. The girl’s have the original ABBA vocals and harmonies spot on!

It’s time for a costume change again and the ladies return in full ‘Super Trouper’ costume! Whoever designs the band’s costumes has done a fantastic job in recreating both Agnetha’s and Frida’s costumes from this 1980 Chart topper. The audience are clapping along and waving their hands in the air with the VV ladies. There’s a little playful competition between Agnetha and Frida with the next song, ‘Fernando’. Both girls split the audience into two halves, each getting their half to try sing along the loudest. Of course, it’s Frida’s side that wins. On the original tour, ABBA also got their audiences to join in and sing along. Great to see VV keeping an original element of the 1977 tour in their act.

Agnetha’s center stage again, Frida taking a back seat with the musicians for the 1981 track ‘Slipping Through My Fingers’. This tear-jerker was originally written for Bjorn and Agnetha’s daughter Linda and appeared on the group’s final studio album. It also forms a huge part in ‘Mamma Mia!’ The Movie, with Meryl Streep getting Amanda Seyfried ready on her wedding morning. VV carry this track off to perfection. (I must admit I had tears in my eyes while the band were performing this one. Memories of my own late Mum walking me to school just came flooding back to memory…)

Next, we get to hear ‘Bjorn’ (Simon McKelvie) and ‘Benny’ (Peter Tate) sing, on another great 1981 track – ‘When All Is Said And Done’, as the girls depart for another costume change. This is yet another track that ABBA never got to perform live. But, in keeping with the film version (where Piers Brosnan takes leadvocal) Simon does a fantastic spot-on vocal. Pete can be heard – but not seen as he’s to the right of the stage, almost hidden in the wing on piano! Meanwhile the VV ladies return to the stage wearing the famous ‘Cat’ dresses, joining in the vocals on this number while wearing the full length versions of the costumes. 

Simon (Bjorn) takes lead again on the next track – “Our Last Summer”. He really has a good strong voice, and like the movie version which has Colin Firth, Piers Brosnan and Stellan Skarsgaard sharing vocals, this time the VV ladies bring the song back to the ABBA 1980 shared lead vocal too. So we have a little Mamma Mia! / ABBA vocal going on here!

It’s back to 1974 next, with Agnetha (Suzi Que) taking leadvocal on ‘Hasta Manana’, one of the lesser known tracks from ABBA’s ‘Waterloo’ album. A faultless performance again, Frida (Amanda) joining in on the verses and chorus. We’re nearly at the end of the first half of the show here, but there’s still another two classic ABBA tracks to come!

‘So Long’ explodes with the VV ladies removing the long skirts, and the short ‘Cat’ dresses are revealed in all their glory! The band give an absolute rocking good performance of this 1974 “ABBA” album track. The ladies even manage a similar dance routine to the original one by Agnetha and Frida on their 1977 Australian tour without the scarves!

“Summer Night City”, ABBA’s only 1978 single not to have featured on any Studio album release follows “So Long”. ABBA’s Benny and Bjorn thought there was something wrong with the track and never thought they’d quite got the result they wanted. Still, VV do a great live performance of the song here. Vocals and production intact!

As the band leave the stage for a well-earned break and the curtain falls on the first half of the act, it is obvious the audience have thoroughly enjoyed it! As we all move to the bars for refreshments, there’s excited chat about the show so far. Most of the people are on a high, worries and problems forgotten about for this evening.

And so we all file back into the auditorium, to take our seats for the second half of tonight’s performance…

As the intro-opening of ABBA’s 1980 “Lay All Your Love On Me” begins, the VV ladies begin the set in their Gold Chinese dresses and black and gold capes. It’s a brilliant and lively energetic performance of another track never performed live by the original group, and VV do it so well!

Most of the audience are up on their feet and dancing, clapping and waving their hands in the air – and remain so for the rest of this evening’s second half. They’re dancing in the aisles and right at the back of the theatre opposite the sound stage. 

Another obscure track follows next – ‘Angeleyes’, from the 1979 ‘Voulez-Vous’ album. This one, (to the best of my VV Concert knowledge), has always been part of the song line-up in any VV show. It was also never performed live by the real ABBA. Amanda and Suzi do the song justice with their ‘Look into his Angeleyes’ pleas. Wow!

The group’s theme tune is next up – ‘Voulez-Vous’, with all its ‘A-ha’s’, and so ABBA’s 1979 album track is given the production and vocal justice only VV (and ABBA) could give it. A fantastic performance all round.

The VV ladies are off for another costume change, and they’re soon back wearing black silver and multi-coloured catsuits. It’s ‘Take A Chance On Me’ time – and this song keeps to the 1978 Studio version. It remains faithful to the original – even with the girl’s pleading ‘That’s all I ask of you honey”. Brilliant!!

“Knowing Me, Knowing You”, ABBA’s No 1 chart topping single from 1976, is next up. 
Again, what can one say? VV have the song spot-on – even with the “Memories, Good Days, Bad Days” left here intact! These guys have certainly studied ABBA’s studio work to the best of their abilities.

Agnetha’s centre-stage again for the classic 1975 track “S.O.S”, with Frida on backing vocals. (Personally, I would have loved to have seen the girls wearing their classic ‘Cat’ dresses as in the original 1975 ABBA performances). The VV ladies have the ABBA dance moves off to perfection!

It’s Bjorn’s 1979 lead vocals next as “Does Your Mother Know” kicks in. Simon has a fantastic vocal and Pete (Benny) backs him up both vocally and on piano. The girls do a wonderful cameo of the original ABBA ladies vocals. Another non-studio album track follows with “Gimme! Gimme! Gimme! (A Man After Midnight)”. The group carry off a perfectly produced copy of the original track, Agnetha pleading for a man to ‘Chase These Shadows Away’ with Frida backing her to the hilt. 

Normally part of any ABBA Tribute’s ‘encore’ performance – “Dancing Queen” follows “Gimme!” It’s back to the hot Summer of August 1976 – and the ABBA classic to end all classics. When both girls (Agnetha and Frida) sing in unison “Feel The Beat From The Tambourine” all those happy memories of seeing ABBA performing the song on TV come flooding back!!

And so the band all exit the stage, leaving just their backing musicians (who may I add are all so excellent at what they do) on stage. The stage lights have dimmed now, just slightly, and the audience are shouting for more…

The band all return to the stage in their ‘Mamma Mia!’ stage costumes – very similar to the ones worn in both the musical and Movie. The VV ladies have changed into Orange and Green Mamma Mia! catsuits for the show’s final songs.

It’s another lively number – “Ring, Ring” – ABBA’s 1973 Eurovision song, and the track that failed to impress Swedish judges that ABBA were the group to represent the country at that years ESC. Instead the band had to wait another year before they were selected, in 1974. (The thing I love about VV covering this track is, that unlike some ABBA Tribute groups, there are no fake, mock Swedish accents or no polystyrene telephones – Bjorn Again, please take note!). They keep the song as close and true to the original recording by ABBA.

As Agnetha and Frida announce the next song with “It’s back to 1974 now, and “Waterloo”, the audience go wild! (This is one track that everyone will remember for eternity. It started the meteoric rise of ABBA in the world’s charts – even tho for a short time the band were classed as a ‘one hit wonder’. It took a short while and hard work for ABBA to prove that they were here to stay!) The audience are showing no signs of slowing down, hands waving in the air in unison!

And so to the show’s closing number – and what other ABBA song could they choose but ‘Thank You For The Music’. Always a crowd pleaser at any ABBA Tribute concert I have ever attended, the song sums up fan’s feelings towards Voulez Vous and ABBA perfectly. 

And so tonight’s performance moves to its close, with the band taking centre stage to acknowledge their audience’s support. As they and their supporting backing musicians take their well-earned bows and they exit the stage for a well- earned rest, the curtain is brought down on a spectacular 2-hour show. The band and musicians have worked hard to bring the audience here in Wakefield a well-polished and perfectly-produced show.

Voulez Vous have nothing to prove. They are masters and crafted professionals of the shows they put together. Indeed they are one of the leading lights on the UK ABBA Tribute circuit, having all served their time making music their profession!

This evening’s performance has been nothing short of spectacular. Congratulations Suzi, Amanda, Simon and Peter – we can’t wait until the next time! Thank You all for a great show!

So Long and Hasta Manana – until we meet again!!

Review by Peter Hill-Willetts.  


Review: Voulez Vous at St. George’s Hall

I have never been a big fan of tribute bands, as I believed they had neither the talent nor invention to survive on their own.  But on the evidence of last night’s performance by Abba-tribute band Voulez Vous I have been forced to change my mind. 

Voulez Vous were absolutely superb.  The crowd simply lapped it up as they danced in the aisles and between the seats as the group belted out all Abba’s old classics. 

It might be more than 20 years since the Swedes scored their first hit with Waterloo but their music never loses its appeal.  Even now won the day after the concert, their tunes keep leaping in and out of my mind.

And last night was a celebration of that unique quality which Abba brought to music.. 

But the night was not just about them.  Voulez Vous deserves the credit for bringing their music back to life.  Many tribute bands are not worthy of the tag, but Voulez Vous certainly lived up to the billing. 

The first half hour may have been slow but once the band clicked into gear there was no stopping the crowd.

Young and old danced and clapped and waved their arms in the air (you had to be there!) as hit after hit followed. 

Voulez Vous were on stage for about two hours before finishing with Thank You For The Music.  It seemed to sum up the evening.  Thank you indeed.

Richard Sutcliffe


Star Stage Review

Benny has shed a couple of pounds, Bjorn has grown a few inches taller and both Agnetha and Frida have developed curious Lancashire accent – is that where they’ve been these past years?!?  But it doesn’t matter because ABBA ARE BACK!

Those Super Swedes marched into Llanelli in their silver platform boots on Saturday night to recreate all the music, style and glamour that made them THE top band of the Seventies generation. 

And what a night it was – the like I have never seen before the fans were making up for a lost decade by singing, dancing, swaying and clapping along with all the classic hits, such as Money, Money, Money, Mamma Mia, and Fernando. 

Great lighting and costumes based on famous Abba originals all added to the spectacle but it was the songs that were the stars of the show as Frida and Agnetha – alia Linda and Joanne – belted out the non-stop tirade of instantly recognizable hits.  After so many years, most people in the audience could sing along to every word.  There were very few people left sitting as the 90 minute tour through Abbaland concluded with Dancing Queen and Thank You For The Music. 

It was a credit to the girls that after the show a substantial crowd stayed behind to collect autographs.  If the real Abba were ever to reform they would find no more enthusiasm and audience as in Llanelli – in the meantime Voulez Vous will do just fine thank you!



 I Have A Dream brought a tear to the eye as Archbishop of York’s Junior School (Bishopthorpe) and Acomb Primary School provided a choir of angelic voices before Voulez Vous went out to perform Mamma Mia, sending waves of pleasure through the entire audience.  Before long there were people swaying their arms, singing aloud, dancing in the aisles and crying for an encore.  It was a fantastic evening.

Philippa Shipman


Voulez Vous, The Beck Theatre, Hayes

Noises of helicopter’s hovering above and a dark, smoke-filed stage gave an unexpected start to the show and set the scene for this cult band.

Voulez Vous sounded like Abba and looked liked them.  They got the crowd moving after only a few songs, like Name of The Game.

When they performed a rendition of the infamous song Mamma Mia, I was amidst a dancing crowd, so in my excitement I joined the swaying, side stepping bodies, waving my hands in the air.

The audience danced the night away from then on.

Favourites like SOS, Take A Chance on Me and of course Voulez Vous were played.

Waterloo proved popular and Dancing Queen gave the show a perfect ending.  

This was a great show.  The musicians were brilliant, the songs were an honour to the band and there was no way you could sit still and listen to the show.

Voulez Vous teased the crowd, and everyone wanted more. 

Parween Ahsan


Staff are star struck as Hollywood duo dance in the aisles.   

Hollywood megastars Bruce Willis and Demi Moore caused a stir when they were spotted dancing in the aisles at the Seacombe Centre on Saturday.   

Amazed staff at the Cheam Road venue took a double take when a pair of stretch limousines pulled up – and Tinseltown’s favourite couple climbed out.   

It seems London’s glitzy nightspots couldn’t top the Seacombe’s bill – ABBA tribute band, Voulez Vous.   

Bruce – who has been gigging in London with his blues band – arrived unannounced with four friends, his superstar wife and three daughter’s – Rumer, seven, Scout, five, and Tallulah Belle, two.   

And witnesses said it didn’t take Demi long to leave her seat and join the other revellers dancing to the hits from the cult Scandinavians.   

But the party was so discreet that many of the 300 strong audience had no idea the stars were there – even though they stayed until the end and enjoyed a drink at the bar with other thirsty members of the crowd.   

Seacombe Centre publicity manager Michael Coventry told the Herald: “I was gobsmacked.  We had no idea they were coming to the show because they booked their tickets under assumed names.  We’ve had plenty of stars here in the past but Bruce Willis and Demi Moore are megastars.  I was like having royalty here!”   

But as Seacombe manager Shirley Carpenter made it clear, Hollywood’s highest earning couple didn’t expect any special favours or the red carpet treatment. 

Said Shirley, “Most people at the performance didn’t even know they were here.  They didn’t expect any star treatment a tall, they just came in and picked up their tickets like anyone else and sat with the rest of the audience”. 

“I know Demi is a real ABBA fan and will apparently go anywhere to hear their music – but I never expected them to turn up.  It was a really good show so I certainly think Demi and Bruce enjoyed it”. 

She added “There is something really romantic about having film stars here.  About 30 pupils from Sutton High School sang backing vocals or some of Voulez Vous numbers, and some realised what was going on.  Straight after they’d finished their bit they were all at the back looking out for Bruce”. 

The cheeky stars also defied Sutton’s strict parking regulations and left their limos on double yellow lines throughout the two-hour performance. 




Lucy Smith 


Richard Birkett


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